My name is Jessi. I am 30 and recently moved to the Dallas area of Texas all the way from sweet, cold Minnesota. I live with my boyfriend and our 2 cats. I try to ride dressage. I also make jewelry, take pictures, work a real job, knit, read a lot, and go to CrossFit. Basically I am telling you that “free time” doesn’t exist in my universe. “Free time” is the time I use to trim Cho’s feet or clean my tack. Sometimes I call that Friday night parties.

This blog is to chronicle my adventures with the beastmare, Cholula Mae, a 2002 Friesian/Mustang cross. I have had Cho since she was a yearling and bought her as my first horse to train under saddle. I would highly recommend teaching a young horse things as you are learning them, especially if you enjoy being frustrated most of the time.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our 2nd level work, schooling some 3rd level. My hope is to collect my 2nd level scores for my bronze medal in 2015.  Choface also jumps, heads out on the trails, goes over poles, gallops fields, and safely carts around children and beginner adults because she is awesome.


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