I just got the proofs from the show yesterday and they are kind of hilarious, as Cho’s ears are in high alert mode in nearly every picture. “WHAT IS THAT? WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE SITTING UP HIGH? WHAT ARE WE DOING IN HERE? I AM SO DISTRACTED! HEY THERE IS THE JUDGE! HI!”

She had plenty of forward in that test…just not enough engagement to pull it all together.

There were some nice moments captured.

Largely, though…not. Through no fault of the photographer, mind you. I wish I had video even more now, because I understand my score a little better after seeing some of these. CHO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. She was above the bit in just about every canter photo. Sigh.

I chose this one as our facebook upload. (I bought some others as prints. There is a headshot of Cho that I’m kind of obsessed with).

(Copyright Lisa Tannehill Photography)

In other news, no show on Sunday after all. It’s been postponed due to flooding at the facility. I’m sad because it was going to be cool out for this time of year – high of 75! That will probably not happen again until the fall. I am not sad because I feel like we need weeks of canter work right now.


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