Here it goes!


Entries sent in and received for the Spring show in May: check.

I am only riding one test per day, which seems a little silly to me. But, there are a lot of good reasons for it.

-I have no idea how her stamina is going to hold up with the added difficulty of 2nd level, in addition to the stress of traveling/being in a new place. She settles in pretty well, don’t get me wrong, but I think the whole thing can wear on her a bit.

-Related to that, nobody knows how hot/humid it is going to be. This whole week has been fairly cool, but getting more humid as we get closer to the weekend. The high today is 75. Tomorrow it is 90. Monday we are back down to 70.

-I am riding without a reader for the first time, ever. I have been so crazy about having a reader I would forego someone videotaping to have the assurance that I wouldn’t go off-course. I always know my tests, but this unloaded so much stress for me! I didn’t have to keep all of the tests straight, and I could focus on my RIDE and not think “oh…shit…what do I do next?” There is more than one time that I’ve been so focused on the movement I’m riding that if I hadn’t heard what was next I would’ve been lost.

And, true to form, if I forget, I panic. Improv was never my thing in theater.

-Showing 2 first level tests/day wore her OUT last year. She was just fizzling along in the last test, like she just. couldn’t. do. any. more. Now, I don’t think this was solely because of first level, but it was a crazy weekend. We had horrible storms with winds that were blowing branches off of trees, trying (and coming very close to succeeding) to uproot the tents the ring stewards were under for shelter, and the show was put on hold while we were getting blown away in the warm up ring. So then we had to go back to the barn, wait out the crazy wind and pouring rain, and proceed to ride that test in muck. As I’ve stated before, that never goes well.

3 of her 4 tests were ridden in mud and she was tired.

Because you never know what is going to happen at a show, I like having the option of another test. More opportunities to get scores over 60%! You can always scratch, right? At that point it’s only $35 lost for one test, and when shows cost as much as they do it’s not a big deal.

…But then I remember that would have to memorize another test. It’s just so much easier this way.

Here it goes!

One thought on “Here it goes!

  1. Oh good luck! !!
    So you’re doing the same test but on different days? That’s a good strategy.
    If you’re like me, there is seemingly a Huge difficulty with remembering which test I’m currently in 😉


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