A Review: Equus Couture


Every show season, usually about 1-2 weeks out from a show, I remember that I really want a new browband for Cholula Mae. At that point I’ve already written a big fat check to the show organizer, put a deposit down on a hotel, and set aside food money, gas money, trailering money, trainer money, and misc. money for the weekend.

In other words, there is no possible way at that point in time I can justify a non-necessity expense like a shiny, sparkly browband.

Said browband therefore gets put off year after year. Eventually, it turned into not being able to find THE PERFECT browband. I’ve waited this long, I can’t just get anything that’s pretty.

Also? I have a difficult time deciding what to order in a restaurant. I can’t just order something that sounds good, I have to order the thing that sounds the very best to me at this moment in time or I will die.

You can imagine how this translates to every purchase I have ever made in my life.

Let’s get to the point
. I discovered Equus Couture a couple of months ago. I lusted. I scrolled through her website and facebook page often…the more time I spent looking, the more I knew I Cho needed one. These browbands are vintage-inspired, classy, blingy, shiny, sparkly, and perfect. And they are everything I was looking for without even knowing it.

Cholula has a massive collection of all things pink, so it was only natural that we went that route with her browband.

Tiffany (the lovely owner/creator of Equus Couture) was wonderful to work with and put up with my little tweaks and requests and “no, wait, can you put this color bead in there instead? Oh I like that! But wait, what about this one? Hmm, suddenly I think I like this other design that we haven’t been considering at all until right now…” with a sense of humor and a lot of patience and ended up creating a beautiful piece that is all Cho’s.

And, since I was having a difficult time deciding between two designs, I compromised with my indecision by also buying myself a bracelet.

Yes, I bought a bracelet that matches my horse.

Tiffany was super fast once I made up my mind, and while she told me a couple of weeks I had it within a week.

The goods came in this box:

Safely tucked inside these velvet bags:


Cho was equally excited to model:
(So excited)

In Summary:

Website: http://www.equus-couture.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equuscouture/
Supporting small business: check
Customer Service: Excellent, personal
Quality: Well-made, attention to detail, quality leather, handmade!
Price Range: Browbands range from $125 (minimal style) to $350, depending on the pieces she uses and the complexity of the piece. Bracelets start at $35 for regular leather, $40 for padded
Other goods: Custom spur straps, stock tie pins, belts, halters, and more – she just started offering beautiful, hand-made stock ties as well!

A Review: Equus Couture

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