Stir Crazy

Until moving to Texas in October, Cholula had spent her entire life outside. She’d spend the occasional night in a stall when it was cold and she was wet from a ride, or at shows, but by and large – outside. All the time.



On Sundays at our current barn there is no turnout, so I try my best to get out there and put her outside for at least a few hours. She is usually so excited to get out of her stall that she shoves her head into the halter and makes a beeline for the door.

I went out Sunday morning. It was chilly and I knew it was supposed to start raining at some point, so I put her light/medium blanket on and kicked her out.

By the time I got home, it was raining. Shortly after that, it was pouring. I did things one does on Sunday mornings (breakfast, primarily), changed, and made my way back out after a few hours.

There was so much water on the interstate driving back out to the barn that not a single car was even attempting the speed limit.

Upon my arrival to the barn, I discovered some kind soul brought my horse in for me (I’m still not really sure if we’re not supposed to turn out when it’s raining, or if they just don’t because they don’t like getting wet…) and took off her blanket, which is apparently no longer waterproof.

Sorry, Choface.

I put her cooler on her (she was a little damp, but plenty warm without it…it makes me feel better) and fed her treats/made her nicker for treats.


Since then, we’ve had an ice storm Sunday night/Monday morning and cold enough temperatures that the ice in the pastures stuck around through yesterday. This morning we had more sleet, which is supposed to be turning into snow at some point. Friday will be more wintery stuff.

Her turnout for the past two days (and probably today) has been a brief stint in the arena. If it’s anything like when I turn her out in there, she’s not exactly burning a lot of energy:


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, then, that I had to canter her around for several minutes last night before we could accomplish anything productive. And standing still was asking a monumental task, even after said cantering.

Hashtag week of winter in Texas hashtag everything ceases to function when it “snows” here.

On the bright side: canter! She even managed to regulate and balance herself on the long sides, while I did much of nothing other than focus on my canter seat and give her the occasional bump.

Stay tuned: Rider Fitness PART TWO is in the works, and a review for Equus Couture!

Stir Crazy

2 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. Oh, they have pasture board here – just not at this barn. I wanted a stall for her for summers especially, so she can be in during the heat of the day with a fan (and possibly even misters if needed). It’s a trade-off.

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