I had a fantastic experience at the clinic on Sunday with Cholula. She was so responsive and tried so hard to do everything. Every single thing we did had improvements through the session.

During the walk warm up (encouraging her to stretch down, light contact, pushing from behind), the clinician told me that I could also use walk cavaletti to help her strengthen her back and get her through.
–It is a great feeling to have a good trainer tell you to do an exercise you’ve already thought of and have been working on. These little moments of “I AM DOING IT RIGHT!” are the best, since I often still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m just winging it as I see fit. Happy to hear I’m winging it in the right direction.

I will go into details about what we worked on along with video SOON, but until I can get that uploaded, have some stills:

Walk work, setting up for travers:

Travers to leg-yield exercise:


…to prepare for half-pass:

And lastly we did some canter work; mostly walk/canter and canter/walk transitions on a 20m circle (PLEASE NOTE – I know it’s dark but LOOK AT WHERE THAT LEG IS. BOOM.):


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