This is my excited face.

First: I ordered a video camera, finally! It will be here in time to record my clinic on Sunday, and hopefully I can start taping my rides through the week. Some of them, anyway. Pretty sure no one wants to see us walking around for 20 minutes.

Second: Cholula Mae is getting her first professional trim in 2 1/2 years on Saturday. I can’t wait! I have been a little burned out on trimming her myself, and I feel like we need an intervention with someone that can make the most out of her feet. I will probably have her come out periodically to make sure I’m doing an ok job maintaining, but I haven’t had a check up for a very long time and I second guess things and stress out way more than I should. Also it takes me like an hour to trim her feet because it is really hard work and I bought stupid tiny nippers and her feet are rock hard.

Onto the riding musings from the past few days:

Taking a few steps back is ok.

And good.

I decided that I may show this year, I may not. We aren’t quite there, and I just don’t see the point in struggling through tests for the chance of a few scores. That is not why I do this.

We will get there and it may take awhile and that is fine.

Everything has been slowed down these past few weeks. Lots of walk work. Lots of slow. Slow the trot down, slow the trot down, slow the trot down. I still seem to have a weird mental block about that. Like, I spent so many years trying to get her in front of my leg that sometimes I don’t even recognize what she’s doing as running.

But, it definitely is. In all 3 gaits. So everything has been slow and lots of transitions and more slow. Stretching slow. Cantering slow. Walking slow. Trotting slow.

Really, really focused on leg to seat to rein. So much improvement there in just a few days because I am being diligently consistent – no head lifting in upward transitions, chewing the reins out of my hands, solid, with me, on the aids.

We did more walk cavaletti last night. She was hitting them again, at first, but didn’t hit them when I hand walked her through. Hmm. I realized I was letting her pick her way through them – not that I was throwing my reins away, or anything, but I was more sitting up there trying not to interfere and thusly interfering.

So, huge half-halt to get her to really slow down and sit down before the first cavaletti…and she went through them without knocking any of them.

How many times must I learn this lesson? RIDE. YOU ARE NOT A PASSENGER.



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