A shift and some poles.

This was a really wonderful read:


And helped me get back into the frame of mind that I need to be in while riding and training, as well as remind me of the fact that another one of my 2015 goals was doing poles once per week. (I’m doing a bang-up job with these goals so far).

I have been meaning to raise the poles off of the ground, I really have. I know I should.

But I would be lying to you if I said that thought wasn’t terrifying. That’s right: I don’t even have to be jumping to be a chicken shit, just raise all of the poles off of the ground a few inches.

The struggle is real, guys. And by struggle I of course mean Cholula face planting and taking me with her.

Or, alternatively, decided that merely picking up your feet whilst trotting is boring and instead let’s improvise with jumping 4 trotting poles awkwardly.

…and then face planting and taking me with her.

(I do want to note here that Cho has never actually face planted, but that is what I imagine is going to happen every single time she trips.)

Anyway, I am really good at peer pressuring myself. Or at least imagining that all of my barn friends are peer pressuring me. If I had any in Texas they totally would be.

SO I COMPROMISED. I AM ADAPTABLE. I raised those poles. We walked over them.

What was really cool about this exercise was that I think I had them set up too close together so Cho couldn’t possibly walk over them one single time without knocking one of her feet somewhere on at least one pole.

was that every pass through the poles I could actually feel the difference in her body. It was like each time she got a little more supple, a little more swing. I don’t think I have ever done a single exercise that illustrated that kind of a difference so immediately.

It was really neat.

Cholula demonstrating the walk cavaletti with enthusiasm and spirit:


Seriously, Cho. Your enthusiasm for this is overwhelming.

In addition to this we did some easy, stretchy trot work where I focused on getting everything bendy and supple and swinging. A few canter circles for good measure. Pre-ride we did a few rounds of backing up 10 steps and walking forward 40. I saw that somewhere on the internet recently, and figured every little bit of topline work can help.

First clinic is in a little over a week…! Here is to hoping I don’t embarrass myself too much.

A shift and some poles.

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