Getting Learned

Every so often in our training journey I have a professional step in. “Can you please do this with her so she has a clear understanding of what we are doing?” is a common theme when you are learning together.

Today is one of those days.

These canter exercises are hard, and it’s easy to be discouraged and frustrated.

These help:


(Magickal spurs have finally arrived! THANK YOU to the Dover Saddlery in Dallas for figuring this out with me and getting the issue fixed!)

Saturday was more legs off cantering
–she’s getting this down, and almost never breaks.
–This forces me to really engage my seat and core and has been a bit of an eye opener in riding the canter.
lots of simple changes
–cleaner, better
And overall a really fantastic ride, thanks to sunshine, finally getting to ride in the outdoor arena, and the aforementioned spurs.

Sunday was Cholula’s best impressions of an impatient, starving toddler. I turned her out in the morning and didn’t return until after feeding time to bring her in. So not only had she been out alone all day (which, as a general rule, she doesn’t care about), but she’d heard the tractor go through the barn. As soon as she saw me she began cantering back and forth in front of the gate.

Once in the crossties, she pawed. A lot. I yelled at her, she stopped. I turned around, she started again. Charming.

Riding her wasn’t all that much better. We had the field to ourselves! It was light outside and dry enough for the first time in weeks! Cholula hyper focused everything she had to the fact that there was food in her stall no one would let her eat!

I hoped she would channel her energy to something good and productive.

Which we accomplished, if by “something good and productive” you mean cantering sideways. How is that even a thing for this horse? What is going on?

We cantered away from the barn until she did it in a straight line. Mares.

Monday we rode in the outdoor (SUNSHINE THREE DAYS IN A ROW).
Trot lengthenings. More canter exercises. Good things.

And today is trainer day!

Chipping away at it, week by week.

Getting Learned

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