Sundays are for playing.

The weather continues to make it impossible for us to gallop outside. I know. It’s winter, and if I lived in Minnesota I might be lucky to have ridden at all the past 2 weeks with the cold. So I shouldn’t complain, right? They have it worse, right?

No. No they don’t.

I would like to gently remind you that I’m going to have a solid 2 months (AT LEAST) of the worst summer ever, where my barn time is largely going to be spent hosing down my giant black beastmare and stressing out about whether or not she’s staying cool enough.

And bugs. I moved here at the end of September and proceeded to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and gnats for the next month. I have also seen horrifyingly huge bugs. Not ok. THIS PLACE NEVER HAS A DEEP FREEZE SO THE BUGS JUST KEEP GETTING BIGGER. NOT OK.

That is neither here nor there and I have several quality months of riding until that becomes my reality, so I will hold off on a full rant until then.

The entire point of this was:
-Every weekend it has been too wet to gallop outside
-We have to make our own fun.

I like having a day of the week that isn’t training focused, and Sunday has settled into that role more often than not.

1. Turn out Choface in the arena when you get to the barn.


2. Encourage her with words of encouragement to do more than stand in the same spot for all of time.

3. Encourage her with a whip because words of encouragement mean nothing.

4. Take a walk around the arena because she insists on being close enough to nose your hand every few steps.



5. Set up a few ground poles for your ride.

6. Think “I should free longe her over the trotting poles!” Do that.

7. *Facepalm* and try again.

8. Give in and set up a proper jump, since Cholula clearly has other plans.

Sundays are for playing.

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