2015 Goals


Photo taken by Ellis Photography

Though Cholula was awesome and springy and forward the other night, I still worry, because that’s what I do. Waiting to hear from the vet for a time to have an exam done and see where we’re at. I am going to have her teeth checked while we’re at it, as this bridle lame business often comes up when she needs to be floated. (Which I just remembered the other night.)

So, these goals are of course contingent on her being well and physically up for it. I am a little worried that #1 isn’t feasible this year. APPARENTLY, Texas isn’t big on the whole “recognized dressage show” thing, and APPARENTLY I may have to be willing to travel 5-6 hours one way if I want my scores this year. Which I’m not.

I’m torn. February 21-22 is the ONLY recognized show in this area this year. Otherwise, there are 2 that are 2 hours away…one in April, one in September. Those are doable, but I guess the April one is often rained out and the footing is awful. Been there, done that, but not something we can push if we’re showing 2nd level. If she’s not confident in the footing it’s not worth it.

(I am not including any shows July/August because WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT)


On one hand, I tend to work well under pressure and when I have a concrete goal.

On the other hand, I don’t want to rush this/her and ride a just barely ok test because of scores. February is SO SOON.

But if I don’t start riding these tests under some sort of pressure, they will not improve. However, funds are an issue. I can’t go to a bunch of recognized shows just for experience.

So do I ride in schooling shows this spring and shoot for the recognized show in September?

I don’t know. I’m a little lost down here. Need more time. –This move has thrown me off. I WANT these things, I do. I want to show. I want to continue with our goal of 2nd level. This is 12+ years in the making and we are so close. But…part of me is definitely sitting here going “What is the point? Who cares? This is too hard. It shouldn’t be this hard.”

This, coming from the girl that started Crossfit 2 1/2 years ago to become a better rider.

I suppose there is nothing saying that I HAVE to do 2nd level this year, but I have a definite fear of wasting a year and not having the opportunity next. She could be lame next year. She could get sick. Anything could happen.

With all that being said, and goal #1 being somewhat flexible given the circumstances and Texas sucking, here is my list:

1. Get at least 1 score over 60% at 2nd level for my bronze medal…2 is even better!
2. Spend at least one ride per week torturing myself in the “rider fitness/betterment” category — two-point, sitting trot, no stirrups, etc. Focus on ME, don’t worry about Cho.
3. Focus on being CORRECT.
4. Mix it up, every ride. Keep it fresh.
5. Poles at least once per week.
6. Not riding specific, but: Crossfit 2-3 times per week.
7. Nail down the medium to collected canter. This is honestly the largest thing holding us back. Her canter stamina has improved so much, if we could just GET this I think we’d be solid.

Motivation, ready GO.

2015 Goals

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